Ann Massa Art Exhibition at Cosentino City Malaga

Ann Massa Art Exhibition at Cosentino City Malaga

Excellence Art Gallery is showcasing FUEGO Y COLOR DE VINTAGE by the talented Belgian artist Ann Massa at Cosentino City Malaga, under the artistic direction of Giuseppe Carnevale. The exhibition will run from May 16th to June 3rd, featuring a collaboration with the esteemed Spanish National Luxury Club SPAIN PREMIUM and DIOS DESIGN INSTITUTE OF SPAIN, along with Arte por Excelencias, Biancoscuro, Essential Marbella, and Web Express Guide.

Ann Massa, from the prestigious Louvain Academy, presents her abstract and figurative collection, FUEGO Y COLOR DE VINTAGE, a true homage to the beauty of nature depicted in vibrant hues. Her art transcends visual experiences, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the warmth of the sun, the freshness of nature, and the scents of the earth. With a unique blend of abstract and geometric elements inspired by the colourful 70's and 80's, Ann's paintings evoke a sense of nostalgia and creativity.

Having exhibited in various cities like Liège, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, and soon Monaco, Ann's work continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Giuseppe Carnevale, the curator of the exhibition at Cosentino City Malaga, describes Ann's creations as a heartfelt dialogue between colour and emotion, reflecting her deep connection to family and artistry.

Trained at the renowned Leuven Academy, Ann Massa's passion for painting and nature shines through in her vibrant creations. With a focus on lines, shapes, and an abundance of colour, her abstract style is a testament to her love for life and art. Nature and flowers serve as her primary muses, inspiring her to share the beauty of colours with the world.