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A brand-new property that you will be the first owner of. This choice gives you greater control and flexibility of the units location and configuration. Unlike buying a re-sale property, buying an off plan property gives you a longer period to spread the cost. Typically, with a new build property, you are given a 10 year building guarantee and all purchase instalments are bank guaranteed. All the modern off-plan projects that Callow Estates sell are built to the latest eco standards and therefore are much more economical to run compared to older buildings.


Exploring the best modern, off plan projects between Marbella and Sotogrande

Our experienced Callow Estates sales agents will work along side you to find the finest properties in the best locations to suit your requirement. There are plenty of developments on the market so trust Callow Estates to deliver only the relevant projects so that you can enjoy the buying experience.

Property Reservation

In order to secure the property you will have to pay a reservation fee, normally to the amount of €6,000 + IVA. This will remove the property from the market so that no other buyer has access to it but more importantly holds the purchase price.

Exchanging Contracts

This is the moment that both parties sign the Private Purchase Contact (PPC) which means both the buyer and the seller are legally bound to complete the purchase. A deposit is payable at this moment between 20% and 30% of the sale price + IVA. The PPC is typically signed 20-30 days after the reservation deposit is paid.

Mid-Construction Payment

Sometimes the payment plan requests that the buyer pays a percentage of the purchase cost mid-construction. Typically, depending on the stage of construction this is 6 months after signing the PPC or fixed on a certain point in construction e.g. finishing the structure to the roof level. This would normally be a further 10-20% + IVA.


An exciting day for all! Both parties attend a meeting at the Public Notary where the final balance is paid + IVA. At this moment you become the official owner of your brand new home and receive the keys.


Calculated approximately, the purchase costs for a new property should be budgeted to 13.5% of the purchase price. These costs are made up of the following:


New properties are subject to Spanish value added tax (IVA) which is 10%. This tax is paid throughout the payment plan with the stage payments.

Notary Fees

Spanish law stipulates that all property purchases must be Notarised to ensure all official documents are correct.

Legal Fees

Legal fees are typically 1% of the total purchase price and are payable to your lawyer to perform all due diligence by checking all the necessary paperwork and purchase contracts.

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is required to be paid at the point of completion for all new build properties. It is a payment made direct to the government.


Basura – Rubbish collection tax

IBI – Local property tax

Comunidad – Community fees if your property is part of an urbanisation

Insurance and Utility costs

Private maintenance costs if you purchase a private villa

Callow Estates provide this buyers guide for information purposes only, it is not intended to replace professional advice and should be used just as a guide.

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